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Board of Directors


  Medical Director  
  William Schu, MD, Central New York Surgical Physicians  
  Anthony Oliva, MD, St. Joseph's Physicians  
  Maryann Roefaro CEO, Hematology Oncology Associates CNY  
  Mary Ann Drumm CEO, CRA Medical Imaging  
  BCP Board  
  William Schu, MD, Central New York Surgical Physicians  
  Tammy Congelli, MD, Central New York Surgical Physicians  
  Kara Kort, MD, St. Joseph's Physicians  
  Scott Albert, MD, St. Joseph’s Physicians  
  Maryann Roefaro CEO, Hematology Oncology Associates CNY  
  Tracy Alpert, MD Radiation Oncologist, Hematology Oncology Associates CNY  
  Betty O'Connor, Chief Nursing Officer, Crouse Health  
  Kimberly Kiefl, Mammography Supervisor, Dr. Hadley J Falk Breast Center at Crouse Hospital  
  Julianne Duffy Himes, Administrator, St. Joseph's Physicians  
  Betsy Bedigian, Communications Manager, St. Joseph's Health  
  Stephen Montgomery, MD Radiologist, CRA Medical Imaging  
  Jennifer Barna, MD, Radiologist, CRA Medical Imaging  
  Mary Ann Drumm CEO, CRA Medical Imaging  
  Lauren Bellotti, Director of Radiology, St. Joseph's Imaging Associates  
  Mary Kapfer, FNP, CN-BN, Nurse Navigator, St. Joseph's Imaging Associates  
  Program Director  
  Janet Ricciardiello RN  
  Terri Colone COO, CRA Medical Imaging  
  Lisa Cico, MS, ANP-C  
  Marsha DeVita, Chief Clinical Officer of Medical Oncology, Hematology Oncology Associates of CNY  
  Mya Robertson , FNP, CBEC, BSET  
Radiology   Surgeons   Medical Oncology
-CRA Medical Imaging   -Central New York Surgical Physicians   -Hematology Oncology Associates of CNY
Stephen Montgomery, MD   Tammy Congelli, MD   Jeffrey Kirshner, MD
Jennifer Barna, MD   William Schu, MD   Olga Kligerman, MD
Nicholas Demartini, MD   James Sartori, MD   Richard Cherny, MD  
David Wang, MD       Tarek Sousou, MD
-St. Joseph's Imaging Associates   -St. Joseph’s Physicians, Surgical Services
St. Joseph’s Breast Care and Surgery
  Anthony Scalzo, MD
Benny M. Wong, MD
David Kunz,MD   Kara Kort, MD   David Churchill, MD
Nicholas Trasolini, MD   Thomas Certo, MD   Benjamin S. Himpler, MD
Mark Baesl, MD   Anthony Oliva, MD    
Joseph Ang, MD   B. Sivakumar, MD   Pathology
Shain Wallis, MD   Lisa Cico, NP   -Crouse Health
Lawrence Calabrese, MD
Carl Gaurino, MD
Stephen Linderman, MD
  Mya Robertson, NP   David Inman, MD
Mark Costaldi, MD
Rachel Elder, MD
        Teriza Shehatou, MD
Radiation Oncology   Nurse Navigators    
-Hematology Oncology Associates of CNY   Kathleen Tindall, RN, OCN, CN-BN, Crouse   -St. Joseph’s Health
Stefania Morbidini-Gaffney, MD   Jennifer Michales, RN,OCN, CN-BN St. Joseph's   Brando Cobanov, MD
Kent Hustad, MD
Tracy Alpert, MD
Jeffrey Friedman, MD
  Mary Kapfer, FNP, CN-BN, St. Joseph's Imaging Associates   Randy Kalish, MD
Patricia Spizuoco, MD
        Qun Dong, MD

      James Flynn, MD
    Genetic Counseling   Michael Graber, MD
    NP or PA with specialized training in cancer genetics and hereditary cancer syndromes.    



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